UnJDead TeamSpeak Server Invite!


DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK FROM HERE: http://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads


The UnJDead.Network host our chat and voice servers with Discord & TeamSpeak!
We use Discord as a central point of communication and live support. Please sign up to our Discord server
to keep up to date with the latest announcements, support, interactive social bots for when you're bored or
just so text chat our members or team. Our Discord is primarily a text channel-based service.

We do have voice channels for communication with our team, however, these are mostly to ensure that every
player has the means to make contact in case of issues. For most of our voice chats the UnJDeadNetwork use TeamSpeak.

This is because we have found TeamSpeak to deliver a far superior audio quality with less lag, and also opens communications
to players that use TeamSpeak exclusively. By utilising multiple services, we aim to have a way for any player in our community
to be able to easily contact the UnJDead team or players, however you are comfortable, to make sure you can enjoy the server and
the community, without the hassle of setups.